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7 Powerful Features Every Ecommerce Website Must Have

Research states that a visitor takes less than 59 seconds to decide whether to stay on your website or move to the next one. Hence, it is important that your website captures and retains the interest of the visitor lest he moves away. This can happen if your website is complete in all respects and has what it takes to fulfil all the expectations of the potential user.

Following seven powerful features have to be kept in mind for every e-commerce website development project.

  1. Shopping Cart, Search Bar- Basic Essentialities

A shopping cart icon and search bar are must have features of a powerful website and should be prominently displayed at the top right-hand corner of the website. A shopping cart serves as a means to visitors to store and check their items, make wish-lists; while the search box enables them to find their items in the quickest way possible.

  1. Special Offers, Discounts- Attractive Freebies

In addition to product variety every visitor wants to have an enhanced shopping experience. What better way to offer this than through special offers, deals of the day, free shipping, discounts etc. Saving money is an important criterion for the visitor and highlighting this aspect on your e-commerce website can help to grab their attention.

  1. Newest Arrivals- Keeping with Trends

Most customers of today wish to be in sync with latest trends and styles and displaying the latest arrivals on your website in a prominent place is a sure way of retaining their interest. There should be a dedicated section giving information about popular products or new items on your homepage.

  1. Customer Support- Assurance to the Customer

Many top brands have dedicated customer support that helps to fulfil customer needs in all respects. Offering a 24 hour online chat or telephone service that is easily noticeable on your homepage will go a long way in giving the necessary assurance of obtaining continuous customer support to the potential customers.

  1. Significant Icons and Links- Give Peace of Mind

The lowermost portion of your website holds important links and icons which can be accessed by visitors for more information. These include social media links, security icons, icons for payment options and shipping options. Posting all these on your website reassures the visitor about the reliability and safety of your site as well as its being up-to-date.

  1. Responsive Design- Facilitate the Smartphone User

Every web development company emphasizes on the need for having a mobile responsive website in today’s times. It enables the potential customer to browse through your products and make purchases while on the go. Additionally, all major tabs and icons also should be displayed prominently.

  1. User Generated Reviews- Reassurance to Customer

A majority of online shoppers look for reviews from earlier customers before exercising their purchase option. The reviews provide them with good evidence of the usability of products offered by your website. Every web development company normally incorporates plugins from extremely popular review platforms like Facebook, Yelp and Foursquare.


The aim of every e-commerce website development company is to offer a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience to the customer. Hire the services of Creaa Designs who with their creativity and technical skills will offer value add to your e-commerce website.

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