Why does your website need a hit tracker?

If you own a brand, or a company, or have something that needs to be promoted for commercial or other purposes, you need to know some basic facts regarding your campaign. At this era of capitalism, the whole world is being decided by the market, and you can only survive in the market by ensuring your visibility in the market. Unless you have a visible presence in the market, you won’t be able to promote either of your product or your company.

Now to plan a marketing strategy, you need to know the reception of the campaign of yours, which would lead you to further alteration aiming a better response than earlier. And when marketing is the topic, how could one ignore the importance of internet, as it has grounded itself as the most dominant medium of communication for every purpose. Almost all the companies use internet as their mode of promotion in various creative ways. But to organize their campaign better, and to formulate new ideas, they must know the reception on the part of the consumers. Analysis of web trafficking evolves from this need. This is a system or mechanism which records various figures and statistical data regarding visits in a specific domain, thus deriving various trends related to consumer’s response. There are software available for the purpose of monitoring and recording the data as there’s a hit tracker to mark every hit for every visit at your site. So unless you know how consumers are reacting against your promotion in your company website, you won’t be able to cope up with the present competition that controls the flow of the world economy.

What is the necessity?

The necessity is quite clear to read the consumer better. The necessity is to read his mind, taste and preference. Whenever a marketing strategy is formulated, the mode of reception of the consumer is considered throughout. And when it comes to internet marketing, you need to know everything under the sun regarding consumer’s response. So when you are designing a website and endorsing your product through it, you must get hold of those facts which would lead you to a better scope for proceeding with your product.

How does it work?

The process of web tracking is a complex one, and can be performed in multiple levels. The web trafficking regarding commercial purposes is the major among them in terms of number of users. Hit tracker records statistical data for pages and files of a website regarding its popularity. If someone visits a website or its pages, or goes further by clicking on a file – it will be recorded immediately and will be stored for future analysis. Quite clearly the figures depicted by the hit tracker are generally considered as linearly proportional to the popularity of a website. The process of analysis could be done in another way – by randomly taking sample packet data and analyzing them to get an overall idea. The process is termed as packet sniffing. Whatever the process is, the chief aim is to understand the consumer’s response during his visit at your website.

What Is Being Analyzed?

If you own a website, and you want to know about its popularity, the very first thing that you need to know is how many people visit your website within a specific period. The hit tracker dedicated for the job records every hit to mark the primary point of popularity. The next point is average number off the page visited – higher number of hits by hit tracker for this category will ensure the fact that the visitor didn’t just visited the site, but found something useful too. The next point is the average visit duration – research shows that the more time they stay on your page, more the chance for you to get a call from them. There are several other points regarding web trafficking that one need to know – the busy time, i.e. the time when most of the consumers visit your website; the most requested exit pages – if the hit tracker shows that most of the visitors are leaving the site from a specific page, then you’ll get a sign that which page is there to be modified. There are several other data that hit tracker shows, analyzing which you would a better idea about the popularity of your site and preferences of your consumer. By knowing these features i used this for my Easy Paper Airplane blog to track the kind of visitors. It helped me a lot to understand about my website’s traffic.

Web Trafficking Is Essential

There’s no question about it. To get the idea about the market and to make yourself distinctive, you must have access to the data provided by the hit tracker. They are essential in terms of your performance in the market.

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