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Electronics are those items that people will get bored very easily. If you do not keep changing your most frequently used electronic items at regular intervals, then there is every chance that you will end up hating that particular electronic item. From mobile phones to televisions, the market also keeps productions all kinds of new models because the people get easily bored of the old ones that they would want to keep constantly changing. They are wanting to shift from one item to another item and explore the new features or additional features in that particular mobile phone. This is one of the main reasons that, even if there are many mobile brands in the market and each mobile brand is producing a large variety of phones also, the mobile companies are not facing many losses because people are accepting and buying them as such.

These days, mobile phone deals have become quite common around the place. People are constantly changing their android mobile phones because they got bored with them over the years. Right from the start of the android systems, people are witnessing the same system with very few kinds of changes that are taking place. Using the same kind of features for so long is what is boring the people. The people have come to a state where they are ready to change their mobile phone for either best deals and offers or for something which has got a few attractive features to use.

Vivo v17 Pro


But that is not going to be the case with Vivo V 17 pro. The Vivo V17 Pro is incorporated with a 4.7-inch Retina HD Display. It has a 4 GB RAM with an internal storage of 128 GB which can be easily extendible up to 128 GB. It comprises of 12 MP primary rear camera and 7 MP selfie (or) front camera. It works on Apple A10 Fusion 64-bit processor and Embedded M10 Motion Co-processor. The smartphone is available in Midnight Ocean color with a battery capacity of 4100 mAh. The phone supports the dual SIM option, 4 G, 3 G, 2 G, wi-fi, Mobile Hotspot, Bluetooth, NFC, and many more. The expected price of the Smartphone is 27990 INR.

This is a great phone and you really must check the reviews if you are interested in the piece. The reviews are available online.

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