4 Must-Have Tech Products for College Students

Being a college student is a lot of hard work, academically, and most of the time, personally. To get that degree, you must write countless research and reflection papers that are well-searched and well-documented. Fortunately, some gadgets can easily help in organizing and making sure everything is in its place.

Here are four of Tech Products that every college student must have:

Portable Hard Drives

Portable Hard Drives are like USB flash drives, except with a lot more storage. For students who have majors that makes use of computers all the time, this gadget is considered essential. Saving your files into hard drives prevents your computer from slowing down. It can also function as a backup, in case your laptop crashes and loses all its data or it gets stolen.

Most portable hard drives nowadays come with 1TB of memory, and that is a lot more than most laptops’ storage capacity. Some of them also have the option to be password protected in case you might want to keep your files to yourself.

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College often requires students to write different kinds of academic paper. While most universities have libraries that let you borrow computers for a certain period, owning one yourself makes a huge difference. For example, you need to cram a paper fast; you would not have to worry about finding a free computer spot in the library because of you one of your own.

Owning you’re a computer is one thing but having your laptop which you can carry around is another thing. Laptops are easier to manage than personal computers as you can carry them around and even take notes during lectures. Just make sure to check the specs that is fit for you. For college students, some of the minimum specs recommended are Core i5 processors, 8GB RAM, and 250 GB of Hard Drive.

Mini Portable Chargers

College students are always on the go, and most of the time forget to charge their most essential gadget yet, their phones. You would not have to worry about always carrying around phone chargers and looking for electric sockets for your dead phone if you own portable chargers. It is also helpful for long travels because you would not have to worry about your phone dying in the middle of the trip, especially if you study far away from home.

These mini portable chargers are also called power banks by some people. Most power banks have 2-5 charge cycles, and a good one has 20,000mAh.


Nearly everyone has a smartphone now. College students especially need them, especially ones with a good memory, processor, and camera. Smartphones are also just as good as the apps installed in them. There are many apps available in the Appstore that can make your life more convenient, from simply reminding you about sleeping patterns up to keeping you up to date with your deadlines.

If you’re looking for Tech Products fit for your college life, check out online technology store Australia. They will provide you with top quality and up to date gadgets that will suit your needs.


Being in college is hard, but there are Tech Products that can make life more convenient. You have to choose for the best one there out of the many choices.

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