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Tips for Creating Packaging Designs and On-Disc Printing

If you have a CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Replication and Production design, you need to complete it with an on-disc printing. On-disc printing will let your disc stand out in the crowd. Before anything, it is important that you create the best packaging designs. Here are some tips for creating packaging designs:

  • Keep it simple: if you have a more simplistic approach when it comes to the design, it

will provide the best print quality. When it comes to deciding colors, most on-disc printing companies can print CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) or full-color. As for the silkscreen printing, solid spot colors are ideal.
• Avoid using images with very dark/light details: if silkscreening is chosen, the tonal range should be considered. Most companies offer a tonal range between 15 and 85%. Tones that are lighter than 15% may blow out to 0 while tones that are darker than 85% may fill in entirely. With this, it is better not to use images that are very dark or very light.
• Consider high-contrast images: for project design, it is recommended that you consider a high-contrast image. Refrain from using images that have subtle details because it will not be visible especially when silkscreened.
• Avoid gradients or blends: finally, you should not print gradients or blends on the disc because they do not print well. These will often result in a banded or blotchy appearance. It will ruin your project design in the long run.

• Have the file inspected: if you want to ensure that the results are good, you need to give the file for inspection. There are many specialists that you can approach to ensure that the project design is flawless.
• Refrain using photographs of people: for your on-disc printing needs, as much as possible avoid using photographs. Whether the skin tones are light or dark, it will fall in the range of tone that is challenging to consistently print using the silkscreening method. If you use photographs, the color can become darker or lighter than expected.
• Think about text size: if you consider full-color, you should avoid small text below 10pt as it can become illegible when printed. For silkscreen and glossy, text below 8pt should be avoided.

When it is time for an on-disc printing, you have plenty of options to consider. The trick is finding the right company. As soon as you found the right company, you can choose from the following:
• Full-color: this is an economical digital printing process. It is also efficient and quick.

It can cater to quantities of 299 and below. Expect though that the designs have a pixilated finish.
• Silkscreen: for quantities of 300 and above, the silkscreen on-disc printing is the ideal choice. It can accommodate Pantone and CMYK inks.
• Glossy: the glossy on-disc printing is by far the highest-quality disc printing option for quantities of 299 and below. It features a smooth and high-gloss sheen. The colors are vivid and vibrant, which makes it ideal for high-resolution photorealistic images.

Whether it is creating designs or on-disc printing, you should find the right company to help you achieve your target. You can start with By picking the right company, you are ensuring that it gets high-quality treatment.

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