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Ways You Can Use Instagram to Boost Your Brand’s Image

The most common problem faced by companies is to drive traffic to your website and, in turn, increase the number of conversions or sales. Although you may receive visits on your website, there is no guarantee that they will turn into sales or conversions for your business. Before you can see conversions in large quantities, you must create a reliable brand image and gain confidence in your brand and business.

It is considered that the visual effects attract more attention than the text. Therefore, there is no reason for companies that succeed in the Instagram profile not to take advantage of this opportunity. In addition, Instagram, in the literal sense of the word, makes your business “attractive”. Imagine the reaction of your audience when you upload photos of your products, team members, general interaction images! They will be happy to see everything.

There are many other ways to use Instagram to promote your brand and business. Here are 4 ways you can use Instagram to improve your brand image.

Use brand hashtags

The correct way to present your business and your brand in the Instagram world is to use hashtags specific to your business, brands, products and services. This ensures that people identify your brand or business through the hashtags found in Instagram photos. It also helps create and increase brand awareness. Make sure that brand hashtags are also included in the biography section of your profile. That way, people will read this when they look at your profile.

In addition to using specific hashtags for your brand, the use of popular hashtags also helps you improve visibility among Instagram users. 

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Use marked URLs

When uploading images related to your business or products, it is recommended that you embed links to your website so that the URL can be tracked by analysis. In this way, you know that traffic is being redirected from Instagram to your website and will likely lead to conversions for your business.

Hold contests

Instagram contests with some gifts that are exclusive to your business or people’s favorites create an excellent technique to attract the brand’s audience. Winners will receive more than the competition itself, and will attract their audience to the competition and their Instagram account in general. The contests in which you ask participants to tag your Instagram account when they upload posts are a sure way to make people notice your brand and attract new subscribers.

Infiltrate your followers

Your customers will be interested in knowing the latest products of your company in the market. In addition, your audience will also want to see the backstage work of your business. So feed your curiosity with flashes from your office, which should also include photos from various work groups.

While buy instagram followers here is generally overlooked as a “not very useful” social media platform, it has the potential to give your brand instant recognition, provided its features are explored and used to the fullest.

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