Tips for Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Generally, search engine optimization is essential for generating leads which can be converted to sales and it can help increase traffic too. The problem with SEO is that it is not always cheap. It’s easy for you to find someone who can put on comment spams and forum signatures to increase your ranking, but these strategies are not affordable search engine optimization. Search engines especially Google will always choose quality over quantity. When you hire expert SEO service providers, it can be expensive; hence it can be tricky to look for the affordable SEO services.

The following are some ways for you to reduce the expenses that go with search engine optimization:

Publish long-form content of high quality

It used to be that marketers can do away with the usual 500-word article. It was observed though that the top 10 results of search pages contain around 2,000 words. The top rank was in fact 20 percent higher than the rest of the first page sites. It was at 2,416 words. This is far from the regular 500-word copy that marketers use.

Users require in-depth information when they search for broad topics. They may ask quick questions, but they require in-depth and highly informative answers. It is a no-no to sacrifice quality just to reach the word count.

You need not outsource this service. If you have a knack for words and since you have broad knowledge of your business, you can come up with your own copy. Just make sure you use the appropriate keywords.

affordable search engine optimization

Don’t forget to set up internal linking for your site

Internal linking is linking one page from your site to another inner page. This helps bring the attention of search engines to a particular page. This translates to a number of benefits for SEO.

For new sites, internal Iinking provides your site visitors multiple reading options and many more reasons to stay. This can help a lot in decreasing the bounce rate of the site. This can also help Google and other search engines to index the site which will catapult your site to the top search engine rankings.

Work on your on-page SEO

It is easy for marketers and SEO professionals to think about external SEO, but they must not take for granted on-page SEO. This is the technique of optimizing individual pages of the site to end up higher in the SERP and to gain more traffic. There are some elements to consider for on-page SEO. They are as follows: title, description, meta-tags, user-friendly URLs, and keyword frequency. Making sure that these are implemented appropriately on the site would mean higher SERP.

Don’t engage in any black hat techniques

It can be tempting to buy some links or hide keyword phrases in the content. There are also those who like to publish much content with keywords regardless of the quality. It’s high time to put an end to these strategies. Google will certainly penalize your site, your page ranking will suddenly have reduced rankings.

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