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What To Consider When Choosing Email Marketing Services

Email marketing has proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be a successful way for businesses to engage customers. DIY email marketing is good sometimes though it poses serious threats to your business that can delay its growth. Professional email marketing has proven to be the most promising and safest way to create and manage email marketing campaigns. If you are convinced working with email marketing services is the best way to go, here are some things to consider when making your choice.

Customer Support

Both newbies and professional email marketing specialists will at some point in their operations require assistance.  Such assistance can be got from chatting live with the customer care support, searching through the FAQs or even checking the through resource databases. Get a marketing service that has a trustworthy customer support and resourceful FAQs and resource databases.

Performance Reporting

We are in the era of big data where key performance indicators are essential for optimizing existing business strategies to realize higher success heights.  When searching for a marketing service, you have to get one that has right tools and strategies in place for analyzing the performance of different email campaigns by use of metrics such as click-through rates, unsubscribes, and open rates.

Email Design

Different email marketing services use different types of uniquely crafted and customized email templates.  Check if the service provider uses advanced tools to customize their emails to make them viewable through both mobile and desktop platforms.   You must ensure that you choose a service that offers simple and effective in-service editors for creating emails and signup forms that are easy and attention-grabbing.  Keep off any service that employs the use of complex templates and editors that will require lots of time and investment on training.

List Management

It is important you also consider checking the technology the service uses in collecting and managing subscribers. You want the best service that has the right tools and technologies in place for collecting and managing subscribers. This way, you won’t need to worry about having hard times attracting more subscribers to your side and keeping the ones you already have.  Selecting a service that has list management capabilities removes the complex job of you having to be adding contacts yourself as the service does that work on your behalf.

Track Record

Every marketing service has a story. There are some whose story cannot be told without hearing croons of disappointment and dissatisfaction. There are others whose story is quite pleasing and interesting to listen. When you are in search of an email marketing service, you have to know their story. Ask around to know how most of the customers who had a prior experience with such a service feel about the services they got. Read online reviews and get in touch with some customers who have already signed up for such a service to know their views about the quality of services they are getting.  Email services with bad storylines should be avoided since that means they do not have a good track record and may end up messing you up.

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