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How Technology Will Change SEO in 2019

The field of SEO is one of the most changeable areas of digital marketing. For search marketing professionals, the dynamic nature of SEO can make it very difficult to predict what is coming and near impossible to stay ahead of changes that will radically impact the industry. For 2019, it looks as though the fast rate at which search engine optimisation is changing is set to continue.

Disposable look at some of the biggest changes that are set to take place in the SEO industry in 2019.

Mobile First Indexing

Mobile first indexing shouldn’t come as any surprise to a digital marketing professional has been keeping a close eye on the industry for the last year. Back in 2018, Google confirmed that they would introduce mobile-first indexing across all websites. This didn’t come as a surprise given the increasing number of people performing searches on their mobile phone. In fact, back in 2016 the number of people performing Google searches on this smartphone and tablet as opposed to desktop took over and has only increased to year on year since then.

A prominent Hobart marketing company suggested that the most important thing that businesses can do to prepare for mobile first indexing is to make sure that their website is mobile-friendly, loads quickly, and has easy to access call To Action buttons that can be used to drive conversions from mobile devices.

Voice Search Takes Over

It seems as though digital marketing professionals have been talking about the impact of voice search for years now. However, in 2019 it looks as though the impact of voice search is finally going to been noticed. According to a study in 2018 more than 35 million Americans will perform a voice search once every 30 days, with as many as 20% of Americans performing a voice search each and every day. Furthermore, analysts believe that more than half of people will use voice search every day by the end of 2020.

For search engine optimisation professionals this is a big deal. In order to maintain rankings and stay ahead of your competitors, it’s important to factor voice search and the evolving landscape of SEO into your next campaign.

The Arrival of Amazon Search Optimisation

It should come as no surprise that the e-commerce juggernaut has taken on a life of its own when it comes to search engine optimization. ASO may seem like a foreign concept of some digital marketing professionals, however, for those who work with clients who have an interest in Amazon sales, it is extremely important that you familiarise yourself with the concept. a study that came out in 2018 revealed that more than 70% of shoppers will use Amazon to find products in America. with more than 50% of shoppers choosing to search for products on Amazon before turning to Google.

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