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Video editing is the most important task of photography or videography. The crux and nucleus of   videos lies in editing. If edited properly, it can go places and leave people in awe. In market, we have numerous video editing software; Movavi is being one of those.

Video Editing is a mandatory finishing process. There can be countlessvideo clips with vague background sound. Movavi can help you synchronize those videos with worthy background sounds.

User can download the free trial version of Movavi from This link will take you to Movavi homepage from where you need to choose the OS you are working upon. Once Movavi is downloaded and setup a pop up will be displayed with options like “Create Project in full Feature Mode” and “Montage Wizard”. It gives the option to adjust the resolution and sound just as you want it.

Montage Wizard:

Step by step synchronization of videos can be done by clicking on Montage wizard.There are below 3 steps that need to be followed:

  1. Add Files or the entire folder and adjust the time for the display of Video.
  2. Choose the Transition Style.
  3. Add music to the video. We can either setup the music that Movavi already has or we can add a music of our own by clicking on the +Music button.

Create project in Full Feature Mode:

All in one package to complete the video clip in one single page.

Steps involved:

  1. Add media files. This can be added through “Add Media Files” or if you want to add the entire folder then click on “Add Folder”. You can even record the video or screen.
  2. Add transitions, Filters and text.
  3. Setup the time required by dragging the pointers on the timeline.
  4. Lastly add audio files to the clip by clicking Add Media files.

In terms of audio files linked with the clip, Movavi gives an upper hand to the users by letting them decide the length of the music. Users can anytime trim the music if it is longer than the clip and it won’t be even an abrupt ending. Users can always go into audio properties to set up how the song should end.

If you want more information about Movavi then the Video editor for Mac users can be downloaded from URL:

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